Are you a digital educator? Would you wish to plan your entire year with more certainty and confidence?

If you’ve got been brooding about the way to write a single page business plan, then this blog is going to be the right solution for you. I’m going deep into my process of making a single page business plan for digital educators specifically.

First, I cover the three important concepts to make sure that you simply have the proper foundations before you begin planning your business.

  • A War Is Won Before Going into Battle
  • Mindset: Employee vs. Entrepreneur
  • Newton’s Law #3

Then, I cover the three key aspects that you would like to possess clarity on:

  1. Income Streams
  2. Expenses Categories
  3. Important Metrics to live

As digital educators, you would like to live key parameters like Cost per Lead, Cost Per Acquisition, net income, and more.

Most business plans out there confuse the heck out of you. But during this blog, I simplify the entire thing into one Google spreadsheet.

If you would like a replica of this single page business plan,