With all the restrictions on travel and emphasis on safety, here’s what I feel we will do as a community to show fear into a greater blessing to the planet.

  1. Stop binging on social media and every one the news. Stop watching news channels. Just get what info you would like to remain conscious of. You don’t get to consume all the media info for quite 10mins during a day. you’ll get all the updates you would like from official websites.
  2. Start using some time to travel deep into learning new skills. There’s such a lot to find out online. Make an inventory of belongings you want to find out and begin feeding your mind with things that you simply are putting aside for years. Learn a replacement language. Learn technical skills. find out how to impact people online together with your knowledge.
  3. Dive deep inwards into spirituality and other concepts that will assist you to reflect from within. once you have this precious time in your hands, use it well. awaken early before the sun rises. Read scripture or any timeless literature which may feed your mind with eternal concepts. Meditate.
  4. Stop endlessly watching your phone. Start to spend longer with family. Have those deep and meaningful conversations together with your parents, spouse, or kids which you’ve never had for years – thanks to your busyness. You’ve got that point now.
  5. Contemplate and set a much bigger vision for your future. Write down your new goals for your life. believe how you’ll impact this world together with your talents. The more specific you’ll get, the higher.
  6. Start building digital tribes and communities around your expertise. Discuss ideas over zoom without traveling. Exchange knowledge. Inspire one another and positively use your brainpower.
  7. Finally, stay clean and safe. Eat healthily. Be hygienic. Consciously build your immunity with good habits and a robust mindset.

I believe that this whole experience globally is nature’s way of hitting the push button to remind us of the best gift we’ve called LIFE.

Make it purposeful.

Make it impactful.

The world is now supplying you with a chance to “breathe & reflect” – to form your life more useful and meaningful on this planet.

If this resonates with you, please comment below… how will you reside your life, from this moment on!!